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MLM / Network Software / Multi Level Marketing

E – Focus Technology (IT) Solutions provides Multi Level Marketing Software , MLM Software, MLM ERP software, MLM Corporate Websites, MLM IT Consultancy, MLM Advanced software, MLM Accounting software, MLM Genealogy software, MLM Binary software, MLM Matrix software, MLM Web Applications, MLM Plans and Softwares, MLM Simple Binary Software, MLM Business Plan Feasibility, MLM Promotions Campaigns, MLM IT Consultancy. Our work Starts from system study, conceptualization, visualization to testing & implementing the solution system.

Binary pay plans are one of many compensation plans in the Multilevel Marketing Business that helps to pass on some of the revenue collected through the sale of products caused by the actions of the distributor network or sponsored network in the market place.

Binary means two, and so all you need to do is to introduce the products to two people and you are in MLM Business. It is very much like a human cell dividing into 2 and then 4 and then 8 and so on. In a matter of months or a few years the MLM Organization of distributors and customers can far exceed many thousands

1.Web Design

  • HTML & DHTML , Flash / Swish / Animations
  • Home page News Scrolling like Achievers.
  • Static Pages(Upto 10 pages)

2. Application Sign up / Registration Process

  • Option as chosen by the client like Open Sign up with admin approval OR E-PIN joining system

3. Members Login / Back office

  • Dash Board (At a Glance)
  • Profile
  • Welcome Letter
  • Profile with Edit (Approval at Admin)
  • Tree view ( with Team counts, Search etc..)
  • Genealogy
  • Online A/c statement
  • Change Password
  • SMS on Members Login
  • E-PINs Menu
  • E-PIN through Sign up
  • E-PIN Request Menu
  • E-Wallet

4. Admin Back office

  • (i) Kit Manager Tools
  • Create New Kit
  • Update Kit
  • (ii) E-PIN Manager
  • Generate E-pin
  • Request Approvals
  • E-Pin Sales
  • E-Pins Used Report
  • E-Pins Unused Report
  • E-Pins Status Report
  • E-Pin Request Report
  • E-Pin Search
  • (iii) Profile Tools
  • Show Profile of any member
  • Edit Profile
  • Approve/Reject
  • Member Password
  • Search Member
  • Member List
  • Quick Login
  • Block ID
  • (iv) Genealogy
  • Vertical Tree View of any Member
  • Horizontal Tree View
    • (v) Reports
    • Registration Report
    • Sponsor Report
    • Sign up Copy/Welcome Letter
    • Block Report
    • Block To Paid
    • Payout Reports
    • Daily Deposit Report
    • Royalty Reports
    • Rewards Report
    • PAN card Report
    • Payment Report
    • MIS Report
    • (vi) Incomes
    • Incentives report as per the plan
    • Royalty Report
    • Rewards Achieved Report
    • (vii) User Tools
    • Change Password
    • Member Report
    • (viii) Contents Manager
    • News Display at Home Page
    • Seminars Display at Home Page