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The Internet is the best mode of interaction between people from all over the world. The Concept of social networking websites provides all easy facilities to participate in various online social activities. Development of the social networking has taken place due to some attractive features of the social networking sites, like most of the sites are easy to use, easy to navigate, transfer the knowledge, allows to meet new people online, free to use etc. Networking features help members to connect with each other, there are number of networking features such as:

  • Featured member sections
  • Photo galleries
  • Search functions (allow searches by criteria such as gender, age, location and relationship status)
  • Profile pages (allow members to make their profiles like public, private or semi-private.)

Extra Features

Most of the social networking sites use to provide some extra features that help members to interact and exchange of information. This information could be on any topic that keeps networking members coming back for more. Such features are like:

  • Music
  • Blogs
  • Forums and groups

There are 3 major steps in the building of social networks with Pearse Street.

1. Design: We design logos and branding. We work together with the client to create the graphics for the website and brand. The client can see what the website is going to look like at this point. We can start using the logo and branding on promotional material.

2. Development: We make the website work. Starting with the pre-made and tested framework we make adjustments to fit the layout of the website and desired functions. Any new or unique features we create and integrate into the platform.

3.Quality Assurance: This is the part that novice social networking web development companies forget. Online community platforms are complicated with many interconnected features and processes. We start with a framework that has been developed, debugged and improved upon for years. Every site is unique and most have new features created specifically for them. The location and interaction of the features with the user is changed to best support the desired function of the site. As so many changes are made and new features are added QA is essential. We spend weeks testing, testing and testing.