News Portal Website

News Portal Website and Software

News Portal Website and Software

Archive stories and provide a searchable news archives using the News Archives portlet.


  1. Content management software return on investment is maximized by minimizing content management and site operations costs while increasing revenues.
  2. Professionally publishes and manages an online news publication quickly and easily
  3. Low Total Cost of Ownership – Low start up & training costs with continuing low operating costs
  4. A versatile content management tool that can be used to publish a wide variety of information, such as online newspapers, press releases, reports and papers, dissertations, etc.

Revenue Opportunities

The News Publishing software can generate a number of revenue streams.

  1. Sell Sponsorships that prominently feature the sponsor in page headers
  2. Sell targeted advertising by page location and by news section using the Ad Server portlet
  3. Restrict viewing of content to paid subscribers
  4. Restrict use of optional Archives to paid subscribers


Our News Publishing system provides flexible, easy-to-use content management focused on minimizing administrator involvement and cost. It combines content creation, graphics, and publication controls into one turn-key portlet.

  1. A story features a photo along with author, byline, brief, and publication information
  2. Unlimited number of dynamic news sections
  3. Publishes related Web links and descriptions with a story
  4. Publishes a photo gallery with a story
  5. Simple, dynamic front page and section page publication presentation controls
  6. Authorized contributing writers can submit stories for editorial review and publication
  7. Links to sections and stories can be featured in appropriate areas throughout the site
  8. Schedule the activation/display date of a story
  9. Date sensitive stories are removed from the site automatically
  10. Site visitors can email stories to others
  11. Provide an RSS feed of the latest listings
  12. Includes a graphics directory for sharing and archiving graphics
  13. Optional story archives portlet with powerful search capabilities
  14. Stories can be rated and reviewed by your audience with the Ratings and Reviews portlet
  15. Restrict viewing to authorized users/subscribers only using the Restricted Content Viewing portlet